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The Incorrect And Unfair Allegations That An Artist Would Face: Lip Synchronisation

I am sure that you have heard that a lot of artists and singers make use of lip synchronisation, especially when they are doing live performances. This is something that is a topic of irritation, for a lot of fans. The fans believe that they have paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to watch their famous and favourite artists sing or play the song live. That is why they have spent so much money to go to the concert. Well, even though there are no concerts going on now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am sure they will come back.

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It is certainly quite insulating when you realise that lip sync has been used by the artist. But, you also need to understand that the artist may have certain reasons as to why they are using it. Sometimes, they feel really shy or nervous about performing in front of such a huge audience. Sometimes, they may have used a last-minute decision to make use of lip sync.

    • In this guide, I am going to be talking about some incorrect and also some unfair allegations that an artist would face, especially when it comes to synchronisation.
    • If we are talking about incorrect lip synchronisation allegations, they usually come from fans who are in the back of the stadium, because it usually takes some time for the sound to reach such a distance.
    • Even though the artist is really far away, the fans don’t realise that sound takes some time to read such a distance, and that is why, whatever the fans are seen, they are seeing it after a millisecond of lag.
    • They sometimes misconstrue this as lip synchronisation. The viewers may see the drummer hit a kit before they actually hear the sound. That is clearly because light travels faster than sound. This kind of delay can actually be mistaken for very poor synchronisation of the mining artists of a track.
    • It is also possible for the fans who are watching a live performance on a really large video display either at venues or even a live broadcast to see an error, because of the lag issue.
    • Any kind of lip synchronisation error can actually cause the fans to perceive that the performance is very less entertaining than what they had hoped. These kinds of technical error problems are usually unfortunate, and they should not be broadcasted by the television networks. But, sometimes, they are broadcasted, because these events are live.

There are some legal and ethical aspects that the artist will have to consider as well. Because of so many issues, artists usually avoid using lip synchronisation.

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