Lip Synchronisation

Lip Synchronisation In Music

In this article, I am going to be talking all about your lip synchronisation in music. Lip synchronisation is definitely something that is used in most of the songs nowadays. If we are talking about music videos and movies, it is definitely used everywhere. When a new song comes out, you will see the artist mouthing the words, but I am pretty sure you know that they are not exactly singing the song at that moment. That is exactly how lip synchronisation works. The song is synchronised to the artist’s mouth movement.

artist's mouth

  • If you’re talking about live performances, in a lot of cases, artists usually sing the song in person, and they don’t use lip synchronisation. But, a lot of artists and music producers have actually gotten into a lot of trouble, for hosting concerts and doing lip-sync.
  • Basically, the problem stems from the fact that customers or fans would I spend thousands of dollars for tickets to come and see the artist mouthing the words and then getting caught.
  • In order to improve the performance, especially during dance performances or choreographed live dance numbers, the artists will have to make use of lip synchronisation recordings, so that they can dance freely.
  • But, because of dance, they might get a little out of breath, and they may not be able to sing properly. Keep in mind that celebrities who have to play an instrument, sing and also dance will probably be using lip synchronisation, because it is the most essential thing they have to do. It leaves minimum risk for errors. There is no chance of vocal errors either. A lot of artists make use of lip synchronisation, because they are not exactly confident singing in live events so that they can avoid singing out of tune.
  • If we are talking about a film track or a music track, they are obviously recorded separately during the creation of any music video. The artists will usually lip synchronise the songs and will often imitate playing the musical instruments in the music video as well.
  • The artists will also move their lips according to how the song goes so that they can create the video later on. Similarly, some artists have been known to do the lip synchronisation backwards for the music videos that were a little reversed.

Bruce Springsteen

For example, if we are talking about Bruce Springsteen hit ‘Streets of Philadelphia’, a song that only makes use of the instruments as a backing track, while the vocals were actually recorded with the help of a microphone attached on the singer, which completely gives a different feel to it.

You need to understand the lip synchronisation is actually required sometimes.

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