Lip Syncing

The Issues That Come Along With Lip Syncing

Well, artists do face a lot of pressure and issues that come along with lip-syncing. You need to understand that if synchronisation is obviously something that is very dangerous and something that is risky that they are doing, especially when it comes to concerts. They know that people would have paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to watch them in concert. If you are coming to a live performance, you will obviously expect an artist to sing their heart out for you and the rest of the thousands of people that are there. Well, imagine going to a 1975 concert or a Coldplay concert and realising that they are completely lip-syncing the lyrics and even the music. I am sure you are going to be very angry.

As a fan, it is obviously irritating, because you are there to watch the artists do a live show. Live shows are definitely something that give a different vibe than the music that you listen to at home. Even though it can be the same song, there will obviously be a different vibe.

Lip Syncing

Basically, fancy to understand that a lot of artists may choose to do the lip-syncing during live performances, because they usually have stage fright or some perceptions as inadequacy. They believe they are inadequate, and they also believe that they have a lot of states right. When a person has states right, there is nothing you can do about it. Studio recordings are not situations where they are put on the spot, like a live performance. In a lot of cases, celebrities would have accepted live performances, because they would have seen a big fat cheque. Some celebrities are actually paid upwards of $200,000, for a single performance. An artist may actually worry that their voice may not be strong enough, to sing live in front of a huge audience. Even though they are paid a lot of money, they choose to do autotune or lip synchronisation. This is certainly unfair to a lot of fans, but they should also consider the feelings of the artist.

I personally feel that if an artist is unable to sing live in front of an audience, they should not accept to do concerts, because there would be a lot of finances invested into the concerts. A lot of celebrities face a lot of incorrect allegations as well. Sometimes, lip synchronisation is usually incorrectly identified by some fans who are in the stadium, because it takes time for the sound to carry over the distance. A lot of viewers may actually think that the celebrity is synchronising the music, even though they are not doing so.

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